I was always athletic growing up, so I never had a weight problem, but as I went off to college I started putting on the pounds. I spent most of my 20′s being anywhere from 20 to 40lbs overweight. Now in my 30′s I began to make strides in trying to lose weight but I was unsuccessful. I would lose 20lbs and then gain 20lbs right back. I wasnt consistent with exercise, with living a healthy lifestyle nor eating right. In

2008, I came home from having adult beverages with the some buddies and saw this guy on an infomercial going crazy with dumbbells. Then he started jumping around wildly in a plyometrics routine. Having done some versions of plyometrics for sports training, my interest was peaked. It was p90x and Tony Horton. Since im always up for a challenge and after spending about a month researching it (no joke,I didnt believe infomercials told the truth) I decided to give “the X” a try. Boy, has my world changed.

In 2009, I began a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and that same year  lost over 55lbs and more importantly dropped my body fat percentage from 28% to just under 13%! In using Shakeology, I dropped my Total Cholesterol by 95 points.  Yes, 95 points. That’s crazy! Seeing my results has been an inspiration to get involved and help others down the road i have just traveled.  In 2012, I became P90X certified and now am a Diamond Coach with Team Beachbody.
I have completed 7 rounds of P90X and  Insanity, Les Mills Combat and now working thru  T25!  I have supplemented these programs with Slim n 6, Ten Minute Trainer, P90X plus, One on One with Tony Horton, Turbo Fire and many other Beachbody programs.  I changed my nutritional habits drastically by incorporating Shakeology into my lifestyle and learning how to food log and research good nutrition from bad nutrition.    My health has been dramatically affected and I have a great hope to conquer some of my other goals in health and fitness.
NOW, Im leading others and started this website to help you and them to get the same results that I have achieved.  I love our team and our group of coaches.  Here we go TEAM MOJO-X!

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