Day 1’s: How to begin again in life & with your workouts

Do you know how many Day 1’s I have had in my life?

In fact, do you know how many Day 1’s we all have had in our lives? Tons.

Think about it.

Our first day of preschool.  First day of elementary school, high school, and college.   First day of your first job and first day of a new job.   First day of being a parent.   First day of marriage.  First day of being a boss.  First day of losing a job.  First day of being without a parent.   First day of starting a workout program and first day of a diet and of course the first day of starting a workout program or a diet over again.

Emotions of Day 1’s

Yes, all of those emotions surrounding the first day of anything be can overwhelming.

But most particularly, lets drill into the emotions and mindset around a workout program and diet.

Often we are coming back to this place, with some shame of not having accomplished our goals from the last time we tried this approach.  Perhaps, some more shame and disappointment of having let ourselves “go” and we are in a worst place than before.    Most likely, our self-talk is not positive.   Probably, We are critiquing and criticizing ourselves for our lack of hitting our goals or at least not gaining more weight back, oh wait, we have gained more weight than previously before.  And now more shame.  And then what sets in is the loss of hope.

We might even think that we are never going to hit our goals because we have tried this approach in the past only to fail.   Oh my, how often have we failed. So as you can see, our negative self-talk and our emotions often prevent us from even allowing us to begin to craft a plan let alone get to the starting line. And that’s our goal, isn’t it?   Just get to the starting line.

Starting lines

Joe Desena in a great book titled “Spartan Up” expounds on this theory in his book and also has a well sought out podcast where he explores these themes.

He has interviewed a ton of people, and he explains,

“one of the most common themes has been to start every day on the right foot.   It’s important to find a routine – a set of rituals – that allows you to set a positive and productive mindset for each day.  The key part is finding actions that you can control rather than becoming dependent on external factors, such as the news, that can throw your day into a tailspin if they don’t happen according to plan.”

Ahh, so know we have some insight into how to begin again.   Of how to get off the couch and put down the bag of chips.

We have to develop some rituals or habits, especially in the morning, it sounds like is the best course of action.   But, why the morning?

Why mornings matter…well maybe?

Why mornings matter?   I believe mornings matter because, after a good night of sleep, you are refreshed, your mind isn’t cluttered with negative news, and you have a full battery of energy of which to tackle the day.

Now if you don’t get a good night of sleep obviously the following day will be compromised, and you won’t wake up full energy or will be well rested enough to feel like you can tackle the day. But all is not lost if you find yourself not sleeping well, perhaps that is the data you need to help your situation.   Sleep is essential and if you are not getting enough of it.  Then your first step is to address that.

So back to your morning rituals to have a successful day 1.

After a good night of rest. You want to craft your morning with what I have called the fundamentals.

They are:

  1. Praying or Meditating
  2. Reading
  3. Writing or journaling
  4. Nutrition
  5. Sleeping
  6. Exercise or physical training

This list seems like a lot in the morning but, the beautiful thing is you can scale each of these down to literally a minute.

So in 6 minutes, you have completed these six steps, and have set your positive mindset and are at your starting line to begin the day.

No matter your set of habits or rituals, the main point is to get to your starting line each and every day.

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