Eat Your Own Dog Food

“The unexamined life is not worth living” – Socrates 

Tip of the Hat to motivational mentor, David Rutherford for this post. This guy fires me up every Saturday morning! After the last four months, I have lost the basic fundamentals and it is time to EAT MY OWN DOG FOOD and begin again with the basics!


To not live the warrior virtues of discipline, consistency, diligence, perseverance, these are incompatible with someone who doesn’t want to strive for perfection in the basics.   Someone who doesn’t want to dare to be great!   Someone who doesn’t want to live up to his or her human potential!  That is a mediocre way of living.   That is not a warrior way of living.   “The unexamined life is not worth living”, said Socrates, so it is incumbent on us to strive physically, mentally and spiritual to fulfill our own human potential and that begins with the fundamentals.  The warrior way is to make the small consistent choices in all matters of fundamental importance.   To train physically 5-6 days a week.  To mentally train in positive personal development.  To avoid negative news or people.   To live a team life.  To strive to understand and execute the basics to perfection.  To have a spirit of service and sense of adventure.


Check out premier movtivational speaker David Rutherford as he gets fired up about working the basics to perfection!



Execution of the basics is paramount in all areas of life. Consistency and the discipline to reaffirm the fundamentals on a daily basics of training physically, mentally and spiritually is the way the warriors train and our culture seems to overlook this way and practice of life.


So for the next three months, I will be ramping up to the basics and fundamentals to get back into the fight! If you have lost your way and need to right the ship, jump on board, send me an accountability email and we will get you squared away on digging back in for fundamental physical, mental and spiritual training!


Lets EAT OUR OWN DOG FOOD!   Im enjoying my dog food!  YUM YUM YUM!


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