Functional Optimism

“So when obstacles show up, it’s important to recognize the need to deal with them realistically, with a plan, but one that is born from a positive mind-set. I call this Functional Optimism and it’s a key component of achieving your Big Picture goals. It’s not about knowing everything can work out. It’s about knowing that everything will work out because you’re going to do whatever you need to do to make it happen.” ~ Tony Horton in the Big Picture

So you want to get back into shape? What’s your plan?

You need a plan! You need to know when you are working out? What are you going to do when you workout? On what days will you be working out?

So we at Team Beachbody have increased your Functional Optimism greatly because we have figured it out for you. What you are doing to do. When you are going to workout, the days, the timing of the days in relation to the other workouts in the program. It’s Functional. It’s Practical! Each of our programs are already laid out for you. Once you get your package, you are set.  But, then, you have to get your mind right!

There is functional medicine. There is Functional fitness. And now we have Functional Optimism.

So Tony goes on to say in the Big Picture in that same chapter that we can’t just rely on “hope.”  We must focus on the details so much so that we develop functional optimism because we are confident everything WILL workout because we are going to do whatever it takes to ensure it will happen. This process is more mental than physical.   Surely by, putting in the hard work and paying attention to the details of our workout plan, we are developing Functional Optimism!

Back to the Art of Mental Training (see that book review) and DC Gonzalez telling us:

“Remember: especially when things are at their worst your self-talk must be positive, encouraging and empowering. Shut down the Internal Critic”

Whether you use a mantra, or practical self talk, you must keep your internal self conversation positive.   Avoid the Battle of Why Not!     To ensure you keep the mental edge and your mind focused, I suggest great personal development reading.   


Positive self-talk + Positive Doing = Functional Optimism.

Let’s roll!




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