Get knocked down? Get back up!

When looking for a book to read to close out the year, I came back across Resilience by Eric Grietens sitting on my bookshelf and I remembered the last book I read from Eric Grietens and it was excellent. That book was entitled the Heart and the Fist and it was one of the best books I’ve ever read. Here’s to hoping this book is just as good.

In researching the book, I came across some great quotes that fired me up. Let me share one here:

“Don’t expect a time in your life when you’ll be free from change, free from struggle, free from worry. To be resilient, you must understand that your objective is not to come to rest, because there is no rest. Your objective is to use what hits you to change your trajectory in a positive direction. ” ~ Eric Grietens in Resilience

Wow, what a powerful quote. It reminds me of the great quote from The Entrepreneur Rollercoaster from Darren Hardy.

“I used to be far more sensitive to failure, but worked hard to reduce my recovery time – to stand up taller, sooner. Here is the evolution I have gone through and recommend to you: What used to bum me out for two weeks, I eventually whittled down to two days by focusing my attention not on the failure, but on the lessons learned and the opportunities created. Then I got it down to two hours and then to 20 minutes. Now, when I get knocked down, I give myself about two minutes to sulk, and then I brush myself off and get back on the horse.” ~ Darren Hardy
from The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster

So you get knocked down! You can sulk……or you can get back up! It’s a choice. Our culture wants you to get back up. We love to watch a person who overcomes overwhelming obstacles to succeed in life. But our culture is now equally great on playing the victim card for everything. You have heard the phrases with your friends and family, “I don’t have enough time. I was offended. They treated me badly. Life isn’t fair. I don’t have enough money. They play favorites. It is impossible and on and on. Can you hear the lack ownership in all those statements? I know it isn’t politically correct nowadays but I sense that our country is fed up with being politically correct and wants to get back to its roots.  They want to get back to personal responsibility and ownership.  We should start with Don’t be the victim, be the victor. Overcome everything no matter what!

So for now our mantra going forward is Get knocked down? Great! Get back up. And keep getting back up. Learning and failing and getting back up quicker each time for there is no time to sulk. We have things to do, life to live and obstacles to overcome.

Joe DeSena in Spartan Fit talks about having “obstacle immunity.” He says when you train for a Spartan Race (note to self: I have to signup and do a Spartan Race) you don’t train for a particular obstacle like the rope climb or the 8 foot wall obstacle. You train and cross train so you are well versed in all areas physically and mentally and then no matter the obstacle you encounter you will have the physical toughness, mental confidence and creativity to figure a way around, over, thru the obstacle.

DeSeana explains it this way ““Spartans refer to this readiness as ‘obstacle immunity,’ meaning an ability to move past, around, through, or over whatever life places in their path. In the races, we’ll position a mud pit, a greased wall, and other physical challenges in the way of racers—but, whatever the obstacle, its purpose goes beyond just trying to trip someone up and challenge them with thirty burpees. These obstacles are metaphors for the obstacles we all encounter as we move through life. A cancer diagnosis is an obstacle. A pink slip is an obstacle. A broken marriage is an obstacle. Life sends them our way in an endless procession.”

How fantastic is that! Spartan Fit is another great book of which I highly encourage you read. It’s worth the tumble.

As Darren Hardy advises, it’s NOT about never failing. It’s about seeing how fast you can get back up. We need to trim our recovery time. Go from being knocked down and out for 2 months to 2 weeks to 2 days to 2 hours to 2 minutes.

Every.single.time we get a little knocked down, how fast can we recover? You practice with the little annoying things so you can build up the muscle for the inevitable bigger things.

Back to Resilience. I’m looking forward to this book to get back my own Resilience.

How about you? Wanna help each other get up after being knocked down?  Wanna come along for the ride?! I would love the company! And we can help each other get up quicker after being knocked down!



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