Hard Corps

Tony Hortons latest workout program is 22 min HARD CORPS!   With just 22 minutes to crank out a great workout, you know Tony and the gang will be BRINGIN’ IT!   Over the course of eight weeks, you’ll put your body through proven, basic, military-inspired training that’s designed to give you epic results. It’s fast, it’s simple, and it’s intense with a rotation of functional resistance, cardio, and core focused workouts.

The moves are basic, but that doesn’t mean the boot camp workouts are easy. By the end of each 22-minute session, your muscles will be shaking and you’ll be dripping in sweat. But, you want results, right? If you want to become mission-ready, you can’t just sit around and wish for it to happen. You have to earn it.  Every person in the workout is a veteran and many of them have compared these workouts to their normal military PT.

The no-nonsense program includes three resistance workouts, three cardio workouts, and two core workouts. Every workout is set to a cadence and you have one rule to follow, keep up, keep up and keep up.   Oh, and did I mention…the base kit is just $39.90.



Written orders coming Early 2016







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