See You at the Pool


We are at the high point of summer and the local pools are thriving with activity.   I found this gem in my personal development reading and wanted to share it!

“Bob’s coaching philosophy can be distilled as follows:

Set your goals high. Work conscientiously, every day, to achieve them.

Among the many authors Bob has read, he likes to cite the motivational speaker Earl Nightingale, who survived the attack on Pearl Harbor on the USS Arizona, then went on to a career in broadcasting. The way Bob tells it, Nightingale’s work revealed the one thing that’s common to all successful people: They make a habit of doing things that unsuccessful people don’t like to do.

There are plenty of people with some amount of talent. Are you willing to go farther, work harder, be more committed and dedicated than anyone else?

If others were inclined to take Sunday off, well, that just meant we might be one-seventh better.

For five years, from 1998 to 2003, we did not believe in days off. I had one because of a snowstorm, two more due to the removal of wisdom teeth. Christmas? See you at the pool. Thanksgiving? Pool. Birthdays? Pool. Sponsor obligations? Work them out around practice time.” ~ Michael Phelps & Alan Abrahamson from No Limits

Wow. I love that phrase, see you at the pool! Hard work! Nothing beats hard work. Period. Work your a$$ off and good things always happen.

It starts with setting your goals high. Phelps is known for the goal sheet he and his coach Bob Bowman would have each year—mapping out the precise times they wanted to hit in each event.

How’s your goal sheet?

That’s step 1. With clear goals set, now it’s time to work conscientiously, EVERY day toward their achievement. Phelps and Bowman liked to see how many days of consistent, INTENSE training they could get in a row.

Remember that quote “Successful people make a habit of doing things that unsuccessful people don’t like to do.”

Are you showing up for your workouts? Are you showing up and eating the best and most healthy food you can choose at the time? Are you giving yourself excuses?

Christmas? Thanksgiving? Birthday? See you at the pool! Ha!

Be honest with yourself. If you are, then you know how to make the necessary changes to show up consistently!

I keep a workout calendar on my desk with my scheduled workouts.  Truth be told,  I used to be very good at hitting each and every workout every week.  Week in and week out. In the last year, I have not been as consistent and it shows. SO NOW, I’m going back to my old fundamentals. Showing up everyday I’m scheduled.

So, as Phelps and Coach Bob say “See you at the pool!” Let’s roll!!

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