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Are you looking for workout sheets, calendars, nutrition tracking sheets?  You have found the right place!  Be sure to save them to your computer so you can then modify them as you wish.  Do you have a great new hybrid workout that you created with Beachbody programs?  Send it on over and by all means, I will check it out and maybe put here on the board for everyone else to use.  Please click on any of the items below to download!

Downloadable workout sheets

P90X /P90X plus

P90X Workout sheets 

P90X Fit Test

P90X Plus workout sheets



Insanity Fit Test


Chalean Extreme

Chalean Extreme workout sheets


P90X-P90X plus hybrid

P90X / Insanity hybrid


My own hybrid versions

P90X-Insanity-Hybrid July 2012  (coming soon)



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