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Welcome to the Nutrition University.  It is your one stop shop  to increase your knowledge about proper nutrition, healthy living and getting you the very best results.  Begin by starting with Level One and increasing through Level Three.  Be sure to continue to check back as items are always being added to the University.

NUTRITION is the fuel for the body.  IT is the most critical part to getting the results we are after. If you want average results, put in average effort on the nutrition. If you want AMAZING results, commit to the nutrition. Want to build muscle? You need the right nutrition to make it happen. Want to lose body fat? You need the right nutrition to make that happen too! The workouts are set for you. You just push play! But what about the other 23 hours of the day? You have to take those 23 hours just as seriously!

Here are a series of articles about Nutrition:  (click on each to read and review)

 Free download  P90X nutrition guide in pdf form


Level One (begin here to improve your nutrition)

Food Logging

Snacks, Snacks and more Snacks

My P90X2 Diet

Meal Timing

Losing Weight 101:  where the rubber meets the road

Weight loss: Myths and Facts

Healthy Nutrition Shopping list 


Pre-workout meal

Whole Foods (new)

Level Two (Move to this level to increase & improve your nutrition)


P90X Recovery Drink

My Results and Recovery Drink review (new)

Pre-workout E&E Drink

My pre-workout E&E drink review

Shakeology is the P90X of Nutrition

Shake School: The ingredients

How Healthy is your Shake?

Shakeology: A Creation Story 

Shake School:  Shakeology’s processing (new)

Shake School:  The Discount (new)

 Level Three (This level is for the purely dedicated in optimal nutrition & healthy living)

My review of the 3 day Shakeology Cleanse 

Ultimate Reset 

My review of Ultimate Reset week 1 (new)

My review of Ultimate Reset weeks 2-3 (new)





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