How Healthy is your Shake?

Tony Horton discusses why he drinks Shakeology and the many health, fitness, and nutritional benefits that come from the healthiest meal of the day.  The typical American diet is devoid of many of the vitamins and minerals that are needed to live a fully optimal and healthy lifestyle especially once we begin or are involved in a rigorous exercise regime.   One issues is the Food enzymes that naturally occur are destroyed in most processed food from the high heating process that is needed to bring them to market so our bodies never receive the much diminished  nutritional content of the processed food to begin with.  Shakeology’s ingredients are not heated up so the nutritional efficacy of the ingredient remains intact therefore our bodies receive Shakeology’s ingredients like a traveler in the desert receives cool water.  Finally, the body says, Im getting what I need.  Proper nutrition!   AHHHH!

Please enjoy the video as Tony’s leads us on a tour of the some of the more important super foods within Shakeology!




If you have any questions, regarding Shakeology and how it has helped me to improve my nutrition in the last two and half years of drinking, please contact me and I will be happy to answer any question.  I know it will HELP you to begin to change your nutrition, live a healthier life, improve your weight loss, lower Cholesterol, increase your mental clarity and many more health benefits.



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