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In April of 2009, I began drinking Shakeology. I had researched a little about the product but really trusted my coach that she had done the real research to know if this product was good or not. After many days and weeks of research and 7 years later, double checking facts, and cross referencing products and sources, I’m confident that Shakeology is the best on the market then and now.

Last month, I received the 365 Golden scoop from Beachbody. You receive this award from Team Beachbody for drinking Shakeology for a full year continuously. Actually, it’s hard to believe, I have drank Shakeology for the last 7 years. So that’s over 2100 days of daily dense nutrition. Hooyah! (My insides are secretly thanking me)

Now to the important part of this blog!


I’m often asked two important questions about Shakeology


1) Why do I love Shakeology?

I love Shakeology because of the power of the dense nutrition and the wide variety of superfoods it brings to the table. Theoretically, I could try and make and assemble all the superfoods in Shakeology but that would be a waste of time because the taste along with dense nutrition is the real key to Shakeology’s brilliance. Secondly, I’m always confident if there are any gaps in my daily nutrition for that day, (and there are many some days!!) Shakeology will fill in those gaps. Third, from a practical standpoint, Shakeology always fits into my schedule whether I’m traveling, its a normal routine day, or things are way out of whack and I’m running pillar to post, Shakeology can always fit into my schedule and it is super flexible, easy to pack, easy to make in a shaker cup. And for me, I just love that. It’s my nutritional security blanket.


2) How has Shakeology changed your life?

Well, in two ways. It has changed my life from helping me to lose 50lbs and dropping my total cholesterol by 100 points and I watched my moms health change in addition to the hundreds of folks I have helped change their nutrition over the years.

When I lost 50lbs back in 2009 and kept it off, I was thrilled and credited most of weight loss to my hard intense workouts like P90X or Insanity. After further research for the last 7 years and further reflecting upon my major weight loss, I’m more convinced now that diet plays 70% of weight loss to workouts are 30% and Shakeology was and is the foundation of my diet.

One of the best things I have done for my family is to bring to their attention what healthy eating consists of and how we should treasure our health. My mom was earlier adopter of changes in her diet and now she is a devotee and lover of Shakeology. She says “I love my Shakeology. I prefer the Vegan Strawberry or the Chocolate. I have been drinking Shakeology for 4 years. It gives me energy and does help keep the cravings away. I have serious health issues, so I am thrilled with all the super food ingredients that is included in just one drink. My health is my number one priority and drinking Shakeology everyday is one more way to achieve that goal.”


Finally, what is your go to shake recipe?

The good book tells us, for every time, there is a season and so it is with my Shakeology. I love my Vegan Chocolate Shakeology in the fall & winter just after the first freeze hits. To me it is a comfort food during those cold winter months. It seems quite Hardy and filling during the snow storms and freezing temps that come often to wind swept plains of central Ohio. Then, in March, just as spring is breaking in , I will begin craving Tropical Vegan Strawberry and will relish that light flavor all the way thru Spring and Summer. The easy mix of different fruits really bring out the Vegan Strawberry and it seems like every drink the fruits are bursting in your mouth.


In conclusion, Shakeology has been a great friend to me nutritionally and for that I’m grateful that Beachbody has continued to make it and continues to further improve it. Here’s to another 7 years of golden scoops and for you, I would recommend to start your own nutritional journey and earn your golden scoop as a 365er, it will change your life, I promise.

I know, because it changed my life.



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